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Windows-95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP 32-bit HF Propagation Models from NTIA/ITS

  • Version 05.0119W (21 February 2008) - Contains ICEPAC, VOACAP, and REC533.
  • Installation now (2 Feb 04) is being done with Tarma Installer ©.
    • This should solve the desktop icon creation problems on Windows-NT/2000/XP
  • WARNING: Do NOT install the software on a Compressed NTFS file system. There are reports that some of it does not work. This is only possible on Windows-NT/2000/XP systems. Do a Right-Mouse click on the drive and show the Properties.
  • As of 23Feb99, a new version of Salford's compiler is being used. It is significantly faster (almost 3 times faster) than previous versions.
  • This has been compiled with Salford's FTN77 compiler for WIN32.
  • It will NOT work on Windows 3.x systems.
  • There are reports that ICEPAC may hang on AMD processors.

If you have problems and want to ask for help, please do the following:
  • Execute the file: C:\itshfbc\bin_win\sysinfo.bat
  • If you did not use the default installation directory, C:\itshfbc will be different.
  • This will create the file: C:\itshfbc\bin_win\sysinfo.txt
  • Please include that file in your Email with a detailed description of your problem.

Note for Windows-NT/2000/XP installation:
The icons to execute the software may not install properly on Windows-NT/2000/XP systems. Here is a solution:
  • This problem should be solved with version 04.0202 using the Tarma Installer ©.
  • Execute the software from Start/Programs/ITS HF Propagation/....
  • You can also now execute any of the ..\bin_win\*.exe files directly
If you can do the above, you can create an icon on the desktop by:
  • Start/Programs/ITS HF Propagation
  • Right mouse click while the mouse is over ITS HF Propagation and pick Explore
  • Then do a right mouse click on ITS HF Propagation and pick Send to > Desktop
  • You can then change the desktop icon to c:\itshfbc\icons\itshf.ico
The above is true only if you use the default installation.

readme.txt file describes installation and registration procedures (Software is now FREE.
This is the only install method that will be maintained:

To download the ICEPAC Technical Manual: Word 7.0 format, pdf format
To download the ICEPAC Original User's Manual: Word 7.0 format, pdf format
Thanks to Brenton S. Vogelsang of Australia for converting the above manuals to Word.

Input/output for Point-to-Point models Sample Point-to-Point data input screen
Changing TIME input data screen
Sample Point-to-Point tabular output
Sample Point-to-Point graphics output (color)
Sample Point-to-Point versus DISTANCE (with modes) plot (color) - ICEPAC only
Sample Point-to-Point versus DISTANCE (ALL frequencies) plot (color) - ICEPAC only
Sample Point-to-Point versus TIME (with modes) plot (color) - ICEPAC only
Sample Point-to-Point versus TIME (ALL frequencies) plot (color) - ICEPAC only

Input/output for Area Coverage models Sample Area Coverage data input screen
Sample Area Coverage map (color - DBU)

Contact: Christopher Behm, Email: cbehm@its.bldrdoc.gov, Phone: 303-497-3640

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